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The era of minimalism is long gone and we increasingly prefer bright accents in clothes. Various ornaments, patterns and drawings - to each his own. But what do you know about prints in clothes? In addition, of course, that there are an immeasurable number of them. Many fashion houses use prints as their business card to stand out from others. For example, Gucci is known for its green and red stripes, Chanel for its embroidered poppies, and Etro for its Indian cucumbers. The latter will now be discussed.

Paisley clutch

The very name "cucumber" the print is folk, its real name is the paisley pattern. The history of this ornament dates back to the 16th century - in ancient Persia, such a fabric was used by the upper strata of society. Later "cucumber" migrated to India and firmly established itself in the fashion industry of that time, until the British army brought oriental fabrics to their homes. Soon, thanks to British textile workers, in Western Europe they began to produce fabric with cucumber ornaments. This print got its name thanks to the Scottish town of Paisley, in which its production was concentrated.

Paisley print

The second wave of paisley popularity came in the 60s. At this time, "cucumbers" appeared on men's shirts, trousers, jacket linings, women's dresses and literally captivated all fashion counters. Then the classic paisley tie appeared, known to this day. In the 70s, the cucumber print went through a new wave of rebirth and all thanks to the hippie era. Even John Lennon drove a Rolls-Royce with paisley patterns, and the fashion houses of Etro, Pucci, Missoni made it their signature print. Later "cucumber" the wave gradually subsided and paisley bandanas appeared in everyday life. They are used by various street gangs to distinguish their own from others. The cucumber print was so associated with bandanas that it was often referred to as the bandana print.

Paisley print

If once the paisley print could only be seen on cashmere shawls, now it is everywhere - on silk kimonos, chiffon pareo, floor-length skirts, linen-style trousers and much more. "Cucumbers" still do not lose their relevance - this is one of the most popular ornaments. It is interesting and original, it will easily dilute your everyday look and add zest to the image. 

Paisley print