"Naked dress" - the limit of sexuality or bad taste

Preparing for a responsible event, the girls carefully think over the image. But they really have a difficult task ahead of them! Hairstyle, manicure, makeup, shoes and dress. Perhaps the dress is one of the most difficult points. After all, it should be both refined and attract attention; to be different from others, but also not to cross the line between sexuality and vulgarity. But it seems that world stars are not very worried about this. After all, they have responsible events much more often than the average people. And when dresses with open backs, dresses on the floor, sundresses, them, midi and maxi are behind, designers have to strain their brains so that not only the “star” herself to please, but also to surprise journalists and make fans discuss the outfit for several weeks in a row.

In recent years, the limits of modesty have become much blurred. Now, in order to shock the stars of show business and cinema, they are ready to get naked so that the soil for the imagination disappears. After a series of such dresses, the designers realized that a whole kind of culture of "naked dresses" had formed.

The history of the "naked" dresses in the public interest has its origins about fifty years ago. Back in 1962, Marilyn Monroe came to the anniversary of John F. Kennedy in a dress that amazed everyone! It was studded with six thousand diamond sequins, the outfit was sewn by designer Jean-Louis Berzault, the most amazing thing is that it was sewn right on the body before the actress left. When the first shock subsided, the stars decided to shock themselves in a big way.

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Cher, the outrageous queen Lady Gaga and many others appeared in these dresses.
For some, this is an opportunity to emphasize their hidden sexuality, as Rihanna did at the 2014 CDFA fashion awards, wearing a dress made of Swarovski crystals from Adam Selman;

or outright shock the audience like Rose McGowan did at the VMAs, 1998.

There are many options for chic translucent and completely transparent outfits, but there is a fine line between what is beautiful and what went wrong for everyone, now we just have to see all the fantasy of the stars regarding their outfits.