Mystic Crystals

Nature is an amazing thing! After all, she creates such beauty as precious stones, minerals and metals.



Mystical and mysterious, beautiful and mesmerizing, raw crystals have become popular recently. They make original pendants, rings and even tiaras. But for some reason, such crystals remind me of the well-known TV series “All Women Are Witches”. It seems that these crystals will now fall out of their frame and begin to circle around me. Or they will show the location of the desired object on the map, as it was in the above-mentioned series.



In fact, stones and minerals do have some kind of power that can influence a person. This indisputable fact has long been proven by scientific research. Often, when choosing jewelry, we pay attention to the stone. After all, different stones are suitable for different people. For example, those born under the sign of Leo are best suited for amber and topaz. The first stone, or rather a fossil resin alloy, is generally widely known for its healing properties. If in a jewelry store you pick up “your” stone, then it will definitely positively influence your life, protect you and help you achieve success.



Rough crystal jewelry is very trendy right now. Pendants with such stones and minerals look very impressive. One gets the impression that the gem has just been removed from the rock. There is an opinion that an uncut stone has a greater energy power than a polished one, but this is not so. Both have the same properties. If you choose a stone, then take a closer look and make sure that it is securely set in the setting and has no cracks. Chipped stones carry less positive energy. Another thing is if it is raw rock crystal. In its structure, it is covered in small cracks and this does not affect its properties in any way.



Recently, crystal tiaras have also been made from natural or carved crystals. This accessory looks mystically beautiful. Jewelry with raw stones will always add zest to your party or date, and the right stone will bring good luck and prosperity.