Mules - from ancient Rome to world catwalks

Have you heard of shoes called "mules"? If not, then we’ll tell you - these are shoes with heels and without a back, but there are also low-speed models. Mules are now one of the brightest trends of the upcoming summer and dominate in almost all fresh designer collections. These extravagant shoes have taken pride of place in the wardrobe of Hollywood stars and fashion bloggers, because they look concise and elegant.

The history of the mule began in ancient Rome. Such shoes were worn by men who had a high position in society and a good financial condition. Mules had an exclusively closed toe and were made from purple or red leather. In the 17-18 centuries, such shoes became popular not only among men, but also among women, but when this fashionable trend reached girls of easy virtue, who liked it because of one simple reason - mules are easy to remove, then a decent society instantly refused him. And the famous Marilyn Monroe brought these notorious shoes back into fashion.

Such shoes are in harmony with different clothes, but still there are a few rules that must be followed in order not to look ridiculous. For example, we do not recommend wearing mini-length clothes with mules, because it will look vulgar. Pants or jeans that are too long can also spoil the look - they will cover your beautiful shoes. The most suitable length of clothing with which to combine mules can be called midi, because it opens your ankles and shoes, emphasizes the femininity of the silhouette and looks very stylish.

You can wear mules both for work and for a walk. For the first case, give preference to shoes with a closed toe - it looks more strict and businesslike - such a replacement for pumps. And for a walk or any other informal event, open-toe mules are suitable. If it’s a low-cut shoe, then it’s very comfortable and slightly reminiscent of flip-flops, but if someone compliments you like: “What stylish flip-flops you have!”, then answer with special pride “These are not flip-flops, and mules! New trend in fashion." ))