Mistakes in style

Often, we look around and quietly taunt people who donned clothes that didn’t fit their age and size, or whose clothes are oversized with bright and colorful colors, or whose thongs peek out of their jeans. Yes, it's funny, but have you looked at yourself from the outside? Maybe you make mistakes in clothes. To avoid such mistakes, you should follow a few rules.

Firstly, you should be careful about neon colors in clothes. If there are more than three of them in your image, it already looks not fresh and saturated, but funny and ridiculous. And if you want to look stylish and not look like a cockatoo parrot, then review your color palette in your wardrobe and learn how to combine colors correctly. 

The second thing you should pay attention to is the accessories. Now massive jewelry made of metal and leather is in fashion, but if you put on a similar thing to work with a business suit, it will look ridiculous. Everything should be in moderation - more restrained jewelry will suit the business style, and keep large and massive ones for the evening. Let's look at another example of a common mistake. Many have probably noticed that cat-ear headbands are now popular. So, do not try to put it on yourself - after all, it is clear that this is a decoration for a party and it is preferably worn by teenagers. There is also an actual error in the amount of jewelry. Remember - the more decorations you have - the more you look like a Christmas tree, learn to be concise.

Excessive nudity is generally non grata in the world of fashion and style. Everyone saw what stars appear on the red carpet - at each ceremony there is one fashionista who will be in a translucent revealing dress. If you have a great figure and you have something to show, that's great, but after you appear in such an outfit, they will remember you only from the negative side. Be restrained in clothes, learn how to properly expose parts of the body. so that it does not look vulgar and repulsive.

Another mistake is mixing styles. The first thing that comes to mind is a guy in sweatpants and black shoes with seeds in his hands. This is what you look like when you try to mix different styles of clothing. Designers love to experiment with styles, but in real life it looks ridiculous.