Metal collar - Dior dictates fashion

When it comes to a stylish and sophisticated autumn look, colorful pictures immediately come to mind: stylish ankle boots, a laconic straight-cut coat, a pencil skirt. But all fashion critics and designers unanimously repeat that one should not forget about the details! So, accessories should definitely be present in the image, it is important to determine which ones and, of course, with the quantity.

Raf Simons, after appearing in the history of the Christian Dior fashion house, brought fresh ideas and his bright vision to what kind of jewelry a stylish, independent, a little eccentric, but living in step with the times, girl should choose. His idea was not immediately accepted, and not by all.

But it turned out to be temporary. Raf suggested complementing simple, but stylishly restrained images with collars ... made of metal. This decoration appeared in virtually the entire collection of the Dior house, at the autumn-winter show.

The bows of the models were bright, but rather restrained. The designer showed that by placing accents the image acquires a new meaning. It's not hard to guess, but fashionistas who missed the latest in fashion liked the metal collar.

Thus, this accessory has confidently stepped from the catwalk to the masses. Girls with great pleasure choose a laconic metal collar, over business dresses, blouses and turtlenecks. Such a decoration will look appropriate both in an office dress code and on a walk around the city.