Men's clothes in women's wardrobe

It has so historically developed that girls encroach on male territory. And they do this not because they want to subjugate men or take their place, but for the sake of gaining freedom. Yes Yes! Freedom of choice, action and judgment. No one will judge a man who does a manicure and buys a dozen shorts for a week of rest, and a girl who wears sneakers and is fond of boxing does not want to be judged. And men's clothing is just a pretext for expressing oneself, especially since fashion critics and fashion designers have not hesitated for a long time to say that a girl can and even needs to try on a number of men's things from time to time.

Before Coco Chanel, women did not wear trousers and jackets, but today it is a classic, everything is changing.
There are several things from the men's wardrobe that women have successfully introduced into their wardrobe for several years. For example, a man's white shirt. If you want to complement your image with such a thing, then remember that you need to choose your size and complement it with male-type accessories, a bow tie or a thin tie.

Wear tight trousers or a pencil skirt with a shirt for a daring style with a touch of classics.
Men's jeans, women also found use in their wardrobe. They look more loose, and the fit is much higher than women's models. Pair them with sneakers or sneakers with a wide cardigan for a street-ready casual look. If you want to look more feminine, wear a heel under men's jeans.
Men's jacket looks no less stylish on girls. Turn up the sleeves, and put on a plain T-shirt underneath.

In order to retain masculine features, choose a narrow-brimmed hat as an accessory, or a bright scarf, but not with a floral print, but in a solid color.
When experimenting with things you don't wear every day, remember that it's important not to cross a fine line. After all, it’s not right to wear brother’s trousers and father’s shirt, you risk looking ridiculous. Choose things in your size, but with a slight masculine accent, then your bow will be stylish.