Massive necklaces - beauty is in the details

Over the past few seasons, the trend for large necklaces has not gone out of fashion. For fashionistas, this is a real find, because such jewelry is very practical and original. It is worth putting on one of these necklaces and you will notice how others cast their glances at you - you immediately become the center of attention. After all, not everyone has the courage to put on such a catchy accessory. What are such necklaces and what to wear them with?



Such decorations come in completely different shapes and textures. They are made from metal, plastic, leather, fabric. Decorate with stones, feathers, coins, beads and so on. Materials may or may not be precious. In general, to create such a masterpiece, only a developed imagination is needed, so now there are many needlewomen who make such products themselves and, it is worth noting, that they save a lot.



If you want to wear a fashion accessory to work, then opt for a necklace in a calmer color scheme to match your business suit, while the metal should be silver. This necklace will look great under the collar of a blouse or shirt. A massive necklace will add zest and variety to your usual business style.


In summer, large multi-colored plastic necklaces are the most popular. They are light, bright and effectively complement your summer look.



For the evening, you can wear a necklace with natural stones in a metal frame. But it is worth considering that natural materials will weigh much more than artificial ones. This is a load for the neck and spine. In such a necklace, and even on heels, you do not look like for a long time, so you can replace it with a product from lighter cheap materials. But remember that your image should be elegant, and the necklace should not look like a cheap fake from the market. Follow the trends, choose the right jewelry.



Wear these necklaces with more concise and simple outfits. The piece itself takes a lot of attention and if you wear frilly clothes with the same necklace, it will look tasteless. Most suitable for massive necklaces are simple T-shirts on straps, blouses and T-shirts.