Low cut jeans are back in style

Did you notice? Increasingly, on the street you can meet a girl from the 2000s! In a sense, not a guest from the past, but a young lady in low-waisted jeans or even hipsters. And no, you didn't hear – in low jeans, with an open waist and bare navel. And the point here is not some kind of youthful protest, the desire to stand out, or, even worse, the mental disorders of the fashionista herself. It's all about the cyclical nature of fashion: everything repeats, returns, but slightly modified and improved. Including jeans.

Last autumn, many designers and stylists announced the return of low-waisted jeans to Fashion Olympus. And only after almost a year, this message from fashion experts at Chanel, Versace and Alexander McQueen finally reached us. But if you are still at a loss and in view of your young age do not know how to wear low jeans, Garne will help you and give you some advice. And so…

In the new fashion season, skinny jeans in a skinny version, heavily torn models and jeans with an abundance of decorative elements and inserts faded into the background. And low belly button jeans are just now experiencing their hot comeback. For the first time, these pants were created in 1993 by Alexander McQueen and made them a "trick" each of your shows. Many young celebrities of the late 90s liked his crazy idea, including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the girls from the Spice Girls everywhere in low jeans. They were echoed by young women of fashion from all over the world and post-Soviet countries as well. They were worn to school, to discos and dates, worn both in winter and summer, while trying to pick up such a top to completely open the navel and part of the lower press to the whole world.

Of course, for those girls who could not boast of a flat tummy, lack of excess weight and beautiful abs, stylists did not recommend understated jeans models. But who listened to them? Low jeans were worn by everyone and always.

Today, although they listen to the opinion of stylists, they increasingly take into account not just fashion trends, but their relevance for each individual girl or woman. Therefore, although low jeans have returned to fashion, there is no mass hype for them, as in the late 90s: fashionistas think in advance whether such a model will suit or not suit them, what to wear it with and where to go in such an outfit. We will save you from the torment and thoughts and give a few recommendations.

Low jeans, as well as any model of jeans, in 2019 took a strong place in the women's wardrobe in casual, street style and even basic. Therefore, they will look appropriate almost everywhere: in the office, on a walk, at a party, in a restaurant, on a date, except, of course, for official receptions with a strict dress code. Low-cut jeans can be worn both in winter and summer, and with thin tops, and with massive knitted cardigans, and under sneakers, and under mules. Fortunately, there are several types of low landing for different occasions:

- Brazilian fit – jeans with a very low waist, sitting almost on the hips. This model is ideal for walking, parties and dates. It is best to wear them with tops, T-shirts, cropped sweatshirts and hoodies, linen-style blouses, etc. With everything that can only help open the waist and tummy;

- low rise – the waist in this model of jeans is 5-6 cm below the navel, which allows you to create the illusion of an elongated waist. This is a spring or summer option for everyday wear, and can also be worn with thin blouses, tops, T-shirts made of thin materials and cropped sweaters;

- medium fit 2 cm below the navel – The perfect low cut jeans for the cooler months. They allow fashion to match, and at the same time take care of the health of their owner.

In addition, low-waisted jeans can be very narrow or wide; or flared, with or without pockets. And each of them will allow all fashionistas, whether they are very thin girls or those who are just overweight, to look fashionable.

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        But remember: what is fashionable is beautiful! Therefore, for those who have a serious problem with being overweight or have even the slightest hint of an inelastic belly and sides, it is absolutely impossible to wear women's low-rise jeans, since the main rule in this fashion trend is the presence of a toned tummy with abs. That is why low-rise jeans are the prerogative of young people, women of age are not recommended to wear them.