Linen style in clothes

Light and airy fabrics, romantic and feminine outfits - all this characteristic of the linen style in clothing. The fashion trend took its roots back in the distant 90s. Many people remember Madonna's silk bodysuit, sewn by Jean Paul Gaultier himself for her world tour. Since then, in the collections of famous couturiers such as Givenshy, Chanel, Valentino, slip dresses, satin tank tops, lace skirts and more began to appear. 

The lingerie look will give you a special sensuality, innocence and sexuality at the same time. But with such clothes you have to be careful - if you choose it incorrectly, you will turn from a modest beauty into a vulgar girl. Lingerie-style items are sewn from elastic fabrics that resemble lingerie - this is satin, chiffon, silk, but they should not be seen through. The color scheme is predominantly pastel, delicate shades, but there are also bright colors. Decor is permissible and even desirable in such clothes - this is thin lace, embroidery. Straps in such products can be in the form of metal chains or braided braids. 

Such things are not from the category of hiding imperfections, because the thin fabric fits the figure and if you have a curvaceous figure, then this is unlikely to suit you slip dress. Also, lingerie style is unacceptable for older women. And if you are young and have excellent data, then you can safely wear such things. Linen-style clothing can be combined with plain jackets, oversized knitted cardigans, bomber jackets and various cashmere items. The basis of the style is softness and lightness, so your image should not look "heavy". A lingerie-style skirt is great for a party or a date, but you should choose a seamless lingerie, because the fabric of such a skirt is very thin. And pay attention to tights - they should be thin. From shoes, pumps or sandals are suitable. Shoes should be sophisticated, not massive. 

In conclusion, no matter what style of clothing is relevant, you, first of all, should listen to your heart. If you follow fashion and buy things that do not bring you much joy, then these are not your things. Yes, of course, everyone wants to look beautiful, but there are many styles and looks - experiment and find your own.

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