Life hacks for high heels

No one can argue with the fact that  high heels are not the most comfortable shoes. But we, as true women, still buy it and endure unbearable torment in order to look beautiful and feminine. This is especially true for improperly selected shoes or new ones that have not yet been broken in. Well, what can I say - beauty requires sacrifice. What can you do to feel as comfortable as possible in heels? Now let's figure it out!


It is important to know a few rules for choosing comfortable heels. First of all, pay attention to the smoothness of the sole. After all, too smooth - it will slide on the floor and you will feel like a ballerina on ice. If you have already purchased such shoes, then rub the sole with sandpaper to improve the friction of the heels on the surface and, accordingly, their stability.


Another important rule is to choose light shoes. Too heavy indicates poor quality of the model. Walking in such shoes, you will feel as if you have shackles on your feet, and not fashionable “louboutins”.


Choose your shoe size! In those situations when the desired shoes remain in the same size and barely sit on your foot, it is better to refuse to buy. Make sure that the shoes do not pinch or rub to avoid unpleasant situations in the future. Before you put on your new clothes for the first time, rub your heels or other places on your foot where you most often rub shoes with deodorant in a stick. This will save your foot from unnecessary friction. And if you buy leather shoes and it sits loosely on your leg, then ask for a model that is a size smaller, because leather products tend to stretch and then can fly off your foot. 


Remember - it is best to choose shoes with heels in the evening - then the legs swell a little and increase in size. When you have already purchased the desired new thing with heels, then before you go out - defile in it at home - let your foot get used to the shoes. In general, it’s great when high-heeled shoes are beautiful and comfortable, but this is not always the case, so pay attention, first of all, to convenience, and then to beauty.