Knitted dresses fashion trend

Everyone has a grandmother or a relative who knits, weaves or embroiders at the speed of light and then, of course, gives away her creations to everyone around. If this is your case, do not rush to be upset! This year, previously forgotten wicker dresses came to us with a confident gait.

They have become ultra fashionable, and more than one star has managed to shine in the fashion trend on world catwalks. And the whole secret is that these dresses skillfully and correctly emphasize female sexuality, opening and exposing the body in the right places.

And the darker, the more interesting your outfit will look. If the dress is woven with too large holes, then it’s better to choose the most closed underwear, or rather high swimming trunks or sleeveless bodysuits. It is in this version that the image will not become vulgar, but will add playfulness and mystery to its owner.

As for the length, then show your imagination here – or slightly cover your knees, then this dress will be more casual, or floor-length, in this version you can use it as an evening dress, of course with the help of bright accessories.