Iconic jeans have conquered the world

Today, jeans can be found in the closet of every person - from the janitor to the president. This cult thing has spread across all continents and made a world revolution. The word "jeans" has Italian roots, because the sailors called it a durable fabric that was used instead of canvas or covering for cargo. However, it is believed that the inventor of trousers was Levi Strauss, whose company is still at the top of its success. Garne invites you to go through the fashion pages together and figure out which jeans will emphasize your figure.

In the middle of the 19th century, Levi Strauss emigrated with his mother and two sisters to the United States to live with his brothers, who traded fabrics in New York. When the gold rush began, Levy joined the family business and began selling goods to gold miners. Once he was complained that finding gold is easier than a pair of strong trousers, so in 1853 Strauss released the first jeans. The model was made of brown tent fabric and looked more like a jumpsuit.

Subsequently, stocks of thick tarpaulins ran out and Levy purchased twill from the city of Nîmes. Hence the name denim (de Nimes - from Nimes). Such a fabric consisted of two threads - the main one, dyed blue, and colorless. The comfort of the new jeans was appreciated even in the Wild West, but the only drawback was that the pockets were not securely sewn on. The situation was changed by Jacob Davies, who worked for Strauss' Levi Strauss & Co", he suggested metal rivets instead of a seam with threads. Later the design of the trousers changed, for example, in 1873, an orange ribbon appeared on the back pockets, and in 1936, the world-famous "Levi's" campaign badge.

Jeans are a basic thing that helps out in any situation. Garne has created a cheat sheet for women who haven't found the perfect denim pants yet:

  1) The skinny model is suitable for slender and tall women, because the legs completely fit the legs and hips. However, due to the dense fabric, the trousers will not give out problem areas on the body.

  2) Moms - jeans with a high waist that reach the middle of the ankle. They visually increase the volume of the hips, so they are not recommended for short overweight girls, because they make the silhouette heavier.

  3) The classic straight cut will suit all body types. The model masks the shortcomings of the legs and is combined with any top.

  4) Boyfriends - a model of a straight wide cut with a low fit. Due to the length of 7/8, they only fit well on long and thin legs. Loose-fitting boyfriends look better, so take a look at pants a size larger than usual.

  5) Wide jeans will save imperfect legs and tummy, besides, in a duet with heels they will create an evening look. Such "pipes" it is better to buy with a high fit, and wear voluminous sweaters and shirts on top.

The fashion for jeans is eternal. Designers have not yet come up with more comfortable and stylish clothes that would appeal to millions of people. You can find high-quality denim trousers in our online store, do not hesitate and follow the link.

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