How to wear the most fashionable shade of autumn 2017?

Black color may be one of the most popular, but red remains relevant for several seasons in a row when creating images of the world's main fashionistas. It is daring, defiant, sexy, and wearing it this season is not only possible, and even necessary!

Famous designers claim that in the current fashion season everything can be worn in red: elegant dresses, coats, classic trousers, knitted sweaters, skirts, thin turtlenecks, shoes, and accessories.  Therefore, fashionistas can not be afraid to experiment with color and use red in different looks.

More daring girls can take the advice of stylists and give preference to a trendy reception – color look'e, when you can wear red from head to toe. Moreover, modern fashion trends allow all sorts of combinations of shades, textures and styles within the "bloody" gamma. With this approach, red color in clothes and shoes differs by only one tone, and a single vertical line will be created in the outfit, which will visually lengthen the proportions of the silhouette and give it slimness. And if the image is supplemented with straight lines and a free style, it will become even more refined and original.

Red is an eye-catching and eye-catching color, so it is considered a choice not for the modest and requires a special mood. Therefore, if you are not ready for everyone's attention, but want to stay in trend, add at least a few red elements to your wardrobe: a dress with a straight silhouette, a blouse or shirt for men, a pencil skirt, a scarf. At the same time, remember that when choosing clothes in red, it is advisable to give up mini, bold cutouts, deep necklines and tight-fitting styles. It is better to give preference to things of a simple cut and without unnecessary decor.

To adhere to restraint and a certain modesty is also worth in combination of red with other shades. So, the combination of red with black, white, gray and beige– is a classic. But this does not mean that other options are not allowed. For example, this season, a combination of red and blue clothes is considered fashionable, and if you want to wear a red sweater with jeans, then choose a model of a washed-out blue color – this is a more modern and stylish option. A red blouse with a blue and medium length skirt will also go well.

A combination of green and red colors can also make interesting options. But in this case, you need to choose those shades that will match each other in tone. For example, a wine-colored dress complements successfully with a dark green coat and black boots. But with orange, blue, yellow and pink red, you need to combine with caution and use more muted shades in the image.

To make even the most boring classic look interesting, it is enough to complement it with red accessories: a scarf  ;or a scarf, shoes, a bag, a beret or a flirty hat – all these details will make your look more feminine and modern.

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