How to wear slip-ons

For several seasons in a row, it has not gone out of fashion, but on the contrary - it is gaining popularity, the most convenient and comfortable shoes are slip-ons. They are so versatile that you can create many looks with them - from business and casual to evening. Slip-ons perfectly replace shoes with heels - your feet do not hurt and you do not look tired. Slip-ons can be put on both for work and for a holiday, the main thing is to be able to correctly combine them with clothes.

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Slip-ons are unisex shoes that resemble sneakers, but without laces. They are comfortable to wear, no need to waste time tying annoying shoelaces. For girls with wide feet, this is a real salvation, because they are practical and fit well on the leg. Slip-ons are suitable for people who actively spend their time, move a lot on foot, and for girls with short stature there are even models on a hidden platform.

Now slip-ons made of matte leather and snake texture are considered very fashionable. You can safely wear such a model to work - you need to rest your legs from heels. If you have creative work, then brighter slip-on models are allowed - with geometric patterns or voluminous finishes (embroidery, beads, etc.). 

To create a casual look, choose bright textile slip-ons (with patterns and prints). Underwired skinny jeans are perfect for them - they will show off your shoes and beautiful ankles. Choose a casual T-shirt or shirt for the top, and a bomber jacket or jacket for cool weather. Such an image will look stylish and others will definitely appreciate your fashionable bow.

It seems to many that slip-ons for an evening out are too simple shoes, but we assure you that this is not so! Of course, for such an important holiday as a wedding, for example, it is better to choose more solemn shoes, but for going to the cinema, to an exhibition or a party - why not? Choose shiny slip-on models: gold or silver, studded with sequins or other decor. Take on board the same bright clutch and interesting jewelry - with such an arsenal, even the simplest dress  will shine in a new way!

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