How to wear a crop top

Crop top is a trendy thing of the summer season, which should certainly be in the wardrobe of every fashionista! The popularity of cropped tops makes even the laziest girls run to the gym and tidy up their waist, because such tops look perfect with flat tummies. Crop top is versatile and practical - with it you can invent many different images. It is diverse - there are fitted, loose, asymmetrical models, with long sleeves or even with straps. 

Street style crop top

Bare bellies were popular in America back in the 80s, when hip-hop culture was gaining momentum. Then this trend gradually faded into the shadows and loudly returned already at the present time. Bloggers, stars and street fashionists are happy to show off their outfits with cropped T-shirts, tops and blouses. If you want to keep up with the latest trends and decide to buy yourself such a fashionable little thing, then you should remember an important rule - do not expose too much of your naked body. It is better to match the bottom with a high waist to the top, and if the crop top has a deep neckline, then put on a jacket and the image will not look vulgar.

How to wear a crop top

If you want to wear a crop top to work, but until the last doubt whether such a thing is suitable for the office, then we therefore recommend wearing it. But be careful when drawing up your business image. For example, a closed top in a company with pants and a suit jacket or pencil skirt instead of trousers. A T-shirt crop top and high-waisted shorts are perfect for a casual look. For special occasions, a crop top set and a floor-length skirt are perfect, and for a party - a mini skirt.

Crop Top

Often, chasing fashion trends, we make many mistakes when choosing one or another thing. Let's take an example from the stars. Kim Kardashian obviously went too far with a peplum skirt. After all, the latter, in combination with a cropped top, focuses on a not quite perfect waist. It is important to remember that crop tops are not suitable for all girls. They look best on ladies with a flat tummy. Brooklyn Dekker made a mistake when she wore over the knee boots with a mini skirt and crop top. Thus she divided the figure into three parts. The best option would be elegant pumps. And Katy Perry chose not the most suitable outfit for going out - it is more suitable for a beach party. Variegated colors create a strange impression - everything should be in moderation.

Celebrity crop top