How to tie a scarf

With the advent of cold weather, many fashionistas acquire such seasonal accessories as a scarf, stole or scarf. Girls thus want not only to protect the neck and décolleté from the hated wind, but also to add a bright accent to the image. But many do not know how versatile a regular scarf is and how it can be worn in style!


Now the choice of this accessory is so great that in any store you can find rectangular, square or triangular scarves made in various shades and fabrics. The right scarf will make your image more feminine, beautifully emphasize the neckline and add zest to your everyday outfit.




The first and easiest method of tying a scarf is tying in the form of a snood. It will suit almost all girls, regardless of the shape and shape of the face. Choose a simple handkerchief in a lightweight fabric and fold it into a thin line. Wrap the product several times around the neck, depending on the length. Leave the ends hanging, and then tie, straighten and carefully hide in the middle. In this way, a real snood made from a scarf will come out!




Do you have a thin silk scarf? In that case, you can wear it instead of a choker! Just tie it like a necklace, leaving the ends at the back of the neck. Such an accessory will look harmoniously with business attire, fully replacing jewelry.




A similar method is tying a scarf into a bow. Moreover, the latter should not be in the middle of the neck, but a little on the side. This use of this accessory is useful for romantic ladies who want to try on French charm.




This way of tying a scarf is quite original and will suit more daring ladies. To create a turban, you will need a wide silk scarf of a bright color. The latter is of great importance, since by choosing a dark monophonic product you risk being assigned to the relevant religious groups. It doesn't take much sleight of hand to learn how to tie a turban, but a few failed attempts are inevitable.


Put the center of the scarf over your head and wrap the opposite ends towards the middle of your forehead, while twisting and hiding them nicely. If you managed to do this, then “voila” - fashion accessory is ready!

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