How to tie a scarf

A scarf is an elegant alternative to a scarf. There are many ways to wear a scarf, and we will tell you the most original ones - how to apply a scarf in your hair, create an image in the style of Scheherazade or a pirate of the Caribbean. Such a simple thing turns out to be very versatile. If it is not noticed in the arsenal of your wardrobe, be sure to purchase it. 

African style. In Africa, women use a kanga instead of a headdress - a thin cotton scarf. In addition, it is used as a cape and even small children are carried in it. To tie an African-style scarf, you need to collect your hair in a high bun, wrap the scarf around your head and make a knot in front.

A wide stripe in the style of the 60s. Fashion is constantly coming and going, we don’t even have time to get old things out of the closet. Retro fashion has also returned loudly - midi skirts, polka dot prints, high hairstyles and wide-brimmed hats. To create a retro look with a scarf, you just need to fold it into a wide strip and tie at the back.

Romantic style. To create this style, you should roll up a striped scarf and tie it in the form of a cute bow or flower on your head. This way will look beautiful with light flying dresses in summer. 

Traditional style. No matter how we wear a scarf and no matter what methods we invent, the traditional one is the simplest and most practical. Just tie a scarf around your neck. And if you want to add zest to the image or be a little incognito - put on dark sunglasses.

Pirate style. One of the easy ways to use a handkerchief that we all know from the "We can do it" picture. Just tie the scarf in front in the form of a bandana.

Scarf in the style of the 70s. This method is very similar to the traditional one, but differs in that the ends of the product are crossed in front and tied at the back. It looks aristocratic and feminine.

Another option is to make a turban on your head from a scarf. It is known that this is a headdress of eastern peoples, but it quickly became popular around the world. Many fashionistas and Hollywood stars show off in this exotic accessory. Wrap the scarf around your head in the manner of a towel, twist the ends into a bundle and hide under the scarf - a fashionable look is ready.

A scarf braided into a braid. A simple and original way to use a scarf. 

A scarf wrapped around a bun of hair - why not decorate an everyday hairstyle?

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