How to look taller

Practically every girl wants to appear taller, slimmer. There are some tricks that will help visually achieve the desired result. After all, the key to success lies in the right clothes, hairstyle, shoes and accessories. The human visual system works on the principle that a person evaluates the size of one object relative to the size of another. Two equivalent objects are perceived differently, depending on what each is surrounded by. This principle also applies to humans. Consider a few tricks with which you can "pull out" growth.

Shoes should open the foot as much as possible. Ankle boots and shoes that cover the front of the leg visually shorten it. Flesh-colored pumps are ideal. They will harmoniously fit into any image and will not "cut" legs.

To appear taller, choosing a handbag is important. A large bag will draw a lot of attention to itself and distract from you. Choose a concise accessory - a small clutch bag . With this bag you will look elegant. This principle also applies to jewelry - minimalism will help you.

As for striped clothes, you need to be very careful with stripes . You should refuse the horizontal one, because it adds volume and is not suitable for all types of figures. And you can experiment with the vertical, but you should choose a thin strip and stop at one part of the outfit - top or bottom.

Another trick is the right pants. Short girls should never wear short culottes. This type of pants will be appropriate only with a high waist and in a classic style. To appear slimmer, it is best to wear skinny black skinnies.  If you want to look taller, choose clothes that fit. A jacket that doesn't fit well won't be able to slim your figure. Shapeless silhouettes, mini skirts, large prints on clothes, elongated jackets, etc. do not look too advantageous.

It may seem strange to you, but a hairstyle can also visually elongate you. Loose curls hide your neck and collarbones. Thus you appear lower. Give preference to collected hair or ponytails. There are many variations of such hairstyles.

Author: Inna Bandylyuk