How to choose the right thermal underwear?

A few practical tips on how to choose the right thermal underwear

Of course, you can say for a long time that it should be comfortable, beautiful, and the right size. All this is good and important, but, to tell the truth, these are talks about nothing. In fact, when choosing thermal underwear, there is only one rule. Consider in what situations you plan to use it and make a choice based on this.

Modern thermal underwear can be divided into three types:

  • underwear for everyday wear;
  • for outdoor activities and work;
  • and for sports.

It differs, first of all, in its composition, and if we talk about sports models, then also in modern technologies.

Casual thermal underwear

Linen for everyday use is sewn from natural fabrics. Most often made of cotton, sometimes with the addition of wool. It is assumed that you will walk in it around the city, to work, or on duty is in a cool room. It is comfortable, hygienic, pleasant to the touch, absorbs moisture well. For most people, this underwear will be the perfect choice.

The only thing I would like to add is that it is desirable that the fabric contains at least a little elastane (lycra). Even 5% of this fiber is enough to make the item more practical and prevent stretching of the elbows and knees.

In our assortment, everyday thermo is represented by Key, Cornett-VOl, Fabio and Sesto Senso.

Underwear for outdoor activities and work

Second type underwear, suitable for active people. The fabric in such underwear is used combined, with the obligatory content of some kind of thermal insulating material, for example, thermal polyurethane. This underwear is suitable for you if you are a fan of hunting, fishing, hiking, or physically working outdoors, such as construction. Its main feature – is the ability to quickly remove moisture. It is assumed that you can actively move, sweat, and then stay in a static position for some time, during which time all the sweat should disappear. Also, underwear will be useful if you often have to go into a warm room, and then return to the cold.

Additional yarn components are often cotton, viscose, sometimes wool. These materials make the underwear suitable for long-term wear.

And finally, the last type of thermal underwear – sports

This is a child of modern technology. For an inexperienced person, the composition of such underwear may seem terrible – one synthetic! But, it's all about these magical membrane tissues. Underwear of this type is intended for playing sports in the winter. In it you can constantly move, sweat, then move even more actively and sweat even more, and the laundry will remain dry and warm. All due to the fact that special fibers constantly absorb moisture and bring it out. In addition, this linen is not homogeneous, but combines thicker and thinner inserts, where needed.

This underwear is not cheap, but you will appreciate it, for example, at a ski resort. In urban conditions, it can also be worn, but it's like hammering nails with a microscope – expensive and inefficient.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

I wish you a warm winter and smart shopping!