How to choose the right T-shirt for a modern girl?

Quite often, girls and women are concerned about the question: how to choose a T-shirt. At the same time, they want the thing to make them more beautiful and hide all the minuses of the figure. But not everyone understands that in order to choose the right T-shirt, you need to know about your type of figure, and each beauty has an individual one. 

What a figure, so is the T-shirt, respectively!

Girls with a pear shape It's not too hard to choose T-shirts, but it's important to remember to balance your upper and lower body. As such a thing, you can choose a color or vice versa – calm light t-shirt. Non-standard sleeves, or, say, lantern sleeves, will also look good and appropriate on the product. It is important to focus on bright colors and decorations, as they will be in place on such a T-shirt.

The shape called "right triangle" makes the owner less expressive, therefore, with the help of such a T-shirt, you can hide all your shortcomings, in particular, an unexpressed waist. You need to be able to choose the right T-shirts with pictures in an upright position, with sleeves and without any decorations. It is worth noting that the owners of the "inverted triangle" you can pay attention to T-shirts with a peplum or with original collars. 

The "rectangle" shape can be adjusted with a peplum T-shirt. They will draw the eye to the lower and upper torso, giving special curves to the body. You can also choose products with a belt at the waist and various decorations.

The owners of the "hourglass" figure may not adhere to all recommendations so strictly, as it is easier for them to make a choice. Girls with such a figure have a well-defined waist, so you can easily choose a thing. But the wrong style of the selected product can spoil the whole look. Hourglass figure a t-shirt made of high-quality soft fabric such as viscose will also decorate. A small strap at the waist will complement the silhouette well, making it even more pronounced. 

It is quite difficult to choose T-shirts for girls with an apple-shaped figure, since an important task for a girl is to hide a protruding belly. If the choice fell on a longer style of T-shirt, then this is the right decision. It will also be good to look away at a level slightly below the waist. "Apple" loves loose things, namely in the waist area. With such a figure, you should not wear a lot of jewelry, since the emphasis will not be placed on the chest and shoulders, however, you should not neglect accessories and shiny elements. The main thing is that everything should be in moderation. It is good if there are lines in the form of verticals on the product. 

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