How to choose jeans according to your figure?

Every girl has jeans in her wardrobe, even several pairs. Who doesn't have them? Dark with a high fit for the winter, light with torn holes for the summer. It seemed that a more universal thing could not be found. After all, we put them on for all occasions: to a disco, to the cinema, to a walk, and to work, if the dress code allows. Unless you go to the theater and church in jeans. But what rules should you follow when choosing jeans for yourself, so as not to make a mistake and choose the perfect option for your type of figure - now we'll figure it out. 

First, determine what body type you are. Based on this, you can safely go to the store. Girls with an hourglass figure very lucky in terms of proportions - they have a clearly defined waist. High-rise jeans are ideal for such ladies, which will emphasize this very waist. If you have a "rectangle" shape and your waist is practically a straight line, then you should not be upset. Properly selected clothes will help you make the silhouette more feminine. Classic fit jeans or mid-rise boyfriend jeans will suit you. 

For girls who are far from the standards of 90-60-90, dark high-rise flared jeans are a great option! This model will balance your figure and take away attention from your shortcomings. A high waist will hide the problem area of the abdomen, and black or dark blue denim will visually make the legs thinner. Chubby girls are better off avoiding tight clothes, including skinny jeans. And if you complement the image with heels, then they will also stretch the silhouette. The main thing is to be confident.

Slender girls will suit almost all models of jeans: from a straight cut with a high waist to low skinny ones. If nature has endowed you with long legs and beautiful ankles, then by all means try on fashionable cropped jeans! And if you are not tall, but you liked the shortened model, then complement the look with open pumps, then you will visually stretch the silhouette and draw attention to your legs. In general, jeans can be combined with different shoes: both sports and elegant - it all depends on the occasion.

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