Headphones - a stylish accessory

If you enjoy listening to music on your way to work, school, or on a walk in the park, but in big headphones you look like a radio operator Kat - then this article is for you. Now is the time for technology and discovery. This applies to both science, medicine and fashion. Have you noticed how often new models of phones and other gadgets appear? You can't keep up with the latest. But this discovery of technology will not leave you indifferent. Designer headphones! Yes, exactly those with the help of which they listen to music, and do not warm their ears in winter. 

The first headphones to start with are the sparkling Diamond Tears Edge by Monster Cable. Many people probably know the Monster Beats headphone brand, but not many people know that it consists of two combined companies Monster Cable and Beats Electronics, which ceased cooperation in 2012. The first, in turn, began to actively attract show business stars to their work, among which was the South Korean singer Pak Chi Yong under the pseudonym JYP. As a result of this collaboration, the most creative and beautiful headphones Monster JYP "Diamond Tears Edge" appeared.

At first, this product was released only for Korea, but, with the advent of lightning-fast popularity, it began to be sold all over the world. Headphones resemble large teardrop-shaped diamonds that shimmer in different colors. The perfect combination of beauty and quality, because the sound in the headphones is unsurpassed! 

The second in our top will be Frends headphones. The company that produces electronic accessories, appeared quite recently, but managed to make a loud statement about itself. The Frends brand itself was founded by a team of snowboarders. Their original goal was to create a stylishly designed product with the latest technology and tomorrow's quality. As a result, a must-have appeared among electronics - large on-ear headphones Taylor and medium - Layla, named after musicians Coco Taylor and Eric Clapton. 

The highlight of the headphones is an amazing metallic design, reminiscent of sparkling gold and silver . The original accessory began to scatter around the world like hot cakes. The beauty of the headphones has amazed many Hollywood stars and fashion bloggers. The headphones noticed Drew Barrymore, Anne Hathaway, Ashlee Simpson and others. Well, we, mere mortals, should only dream of such headphones, because their price fluctuates around $300!