Gladiator sandals

Quality and stylish women's shoes – the key to the success of any fashionista who, with the help of this accessory, will be able to emphasize her image favorably. In the spring-summer season of 2015, gladiatorial (Roman) sandals became a trend, which have a flat move.

Women's high gladiator sandals – modernized shoes of ancient Rome, which looks very impressive on the legs of the fair sex. Such models are designed for daily wear, because they most often have a flat, comfortable sole. As a result, the woman gets the impression that she is walking barefoot, and not in shoes. The lightness of gladiator sandals is only in the hands of active individuals who appreciate the feeling of comfort.

Sandals of this style exist in several variations:

  • flat soles (classic gladiators);
  • on the platform;
  • heels


In the 2015 collections for spring and summer, you can see various Roman sandals:

  • concise (simple);
  • decorated with decorative elements (beads, naughty coquettish fringe);
  • different colors (silver, gold);
  • on a massive tractor sole;
  • bohemian look.

The following eminent designers pleased women with the most memorable gladiator sandals: Acne, Versace, Marios Schwab, Alexander Wang. All these talented individuals demonstrated their vision of Roman sandals, presenting models with straps of different widths, flat soles and even stiletto heels, in ethnic style with fringe, with metal curly buckles. High gladiator sandals (the height reaches the knees) have become trendy this season.

What Roman sandals are worn with

Seeing gladiator sandals in the photo, we can safely say that these shoes are combined with any clothing of the women's wardrobe. Stylists recommend combining this type of shoes with short wardrobe items, in which there are some notes of sexuality. Ideal for summer – short shorts made of leather or denim, cotton fabric. High gladiator sandals will look no less impressive in combination with mini-skirts and short dresses, as well as comfortable summer overalls.

Many fashionistas are wondering: "Where to buy gladiator sandals?". The answer is simple – they are freely sold in ordinary shoe stores, as well as in branded boutiques. Replete with variations of Roman sandals and online stores. As a result, summer gladiator sandals are easy to buy. Only the most difficult – choice of style of summer shoes.

If you choose summer Roman sandals with a flat sole, then a lady can opt for a stylish version of "River Island". They conquer women with their appearance, which is distinguished by simplicity and good taste, as well as the material from which they were made (genuine milk-colored leather). Large metal buckles are distinguished from decorative details. Reminiscent of Greek-style gladiator sandals in black «New Look» (Made of high quality PU leather with snake texture).