Fresh ideas for an autumn look

Autumn is the time of bright fallen leaves, morning rains and cold breaths of the breeze. It is during this period that you want to warm your wardrobe as much as possible, while remaining in trend. After watching the shows of autumn collections from famous designers, Garne has developed a selection of tips for creating the most successful look.

Space Fashion

Silver textures are a new look at modern fashion. The color will surely make you stand out from the crowd and attract thousands of looks. A girl dressed like this looks futuristic and ethereal, like a mysterious alien from the sixties or eighties.

Cougar Style

Animal print has been one of the main trends for several years now. Outerwear and shoes made in this style look great in the cold season and give a special charm to their owners.

Fancy heels

Ankle boots with extravagant heels have gained unusual popularity this season. Such shoes were presented on the famous Parisian catwalks and won the hearts of avid fashionistas.

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Warm ponchos

What could be warmer and more comfortable than a warm wool poncho? It is this detail of the wardrobe that can look cozy and stylish at the same time, such a thing will definitely come in handy on cloudy autumn days.

Warm balaclavas

Balaclava-style hats are making their way into fashion today. Now it is not only a men's headdress, but also an indispensable attribute of a stylish, autumn women's bow.

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Denim outerwear

Denim coats and jackets are the latest in fashion. Denim clothing is suitable for both ordinary working days and evening outings. Such things look stylish in combination with heels or high boots.

In the new autumn collections, the presence of long-forgotten old things is significant. In their shows, designers use oversized items, layered looks, seductive minis, bright colors and creative shoe shapes. Modern trends surprise with their extravagance and unusualness, but you must admit that this has something of its own.