Fluffy hit of the season

Autumn-winter wardrobe of every fashionista will not be complete without a warm, soft and fluffy sweater. It will not only keep you warm in the cold, but will allow you to create a stylish look for every day.

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A fluffy weed sweater – a bright and spectacular piece of clothing, which, due to its volume is not always suitable for wearing with shirts and turtlenecks, most often it is worn directly on the body. It is for this reason that soft, delicate and body-friendly materials are chosen for fluffy sweaters that do not “prick”; and don't "bite". The shaped type of yarn that resembles grass does an excellent job with these tasks. It is textured and voluminous, and its villi can be short or long, and a sweater made of such yarn looks like it was made of fur.

Actual clothesclothes

The most popular this season are fluffy sweater-dresses – feminine, stylish and at the same time warm. They are tight-fitting and voluminous, but at the same time such models will be equally appropriate both in the office and during walks, and at a meeting with friends in a cafe for a cup of coffee.

Elongated shaggy sweater, mid-thigh length – this is a less extravagant option than a dress . Comfortable to wear and combined with almost all wardrobe items, it will protect you from the cold and at the same time allow you to remain feminine in any situation.


The shortened model sweater-grass is more suitable for young people who wish to be original even in winter, and for girls with a chiseled figure – the short model of the sweater, as it were, "cuts" figure horizontally, emphasizing the thin waist.

Regardless of the length of the product, a shaggy weed sweater can be made in large or small knitting, and as for colors, pastel colors and rich shades remain the most relevant: burgundy, blue, green, plum, etc.

And although the sweater itself is made of "grass" yarn; – a beautiful and original element of clothing and does not need decor, often there are fluffy models with prints, floral and floral patterns, fantasy or ethnic ornaments. You can also buy a sweater with weed in a very interesting design: with inserts in contrasting fabric, leather, openwork, etc.

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What to wear?

Even the weed sweater in a classic cut and in a solid color can not be considered a basic wardrobe item. Firstly, its texture clearly does not fit the casual mood, and secondly, the voluminous forms of such a sweater can visually greatly spoil the appearance, distorting the proportions of the female figure. Therefore, combining it with everything in a row will not work. What then to wear a sweater with weed?

To remain stylish, feminine and elegant even in a voluminous sweater oversized models will help: spacious, with soft shapes that seem to fall off bare shoulders. Skinny jeans,  skinny trousers or a straight elongated skirt will be an addition to this look. But such a sweater will not fit wide trousers with a low waist.

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Second option – this is a more concise look: simple shapes, no unnecessary details,  the presence of one clear accent in the lower part of the figure, which can be used as loose shorts, flared skirt, wide trousers or boyfriend jeans, expressive shoes: high boots , ankle boots, pumps.


As accessories for a sweater made of "grass" yarn; large earrings, massive necklaces, bracelets and  rings of rough shapes will do.

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But bags are better to choose discreet forms: clutches or envelope bags.