Fishnet tights - an accent on the autumn look

However, we did not resist, autumn nevertheless came. Whether we like it or not, the weather deteriorates, the sky turns gray, we have to dress in brighter colors and, of course, warmer. Despite the fact that in the autumn-winter period, comfort and warmth are most important, but still looking good is also important. To make the image gentle and feminine, wear tights. It's not news that women's tights make legs look leaner, tighter, and prettier for men's looks. This fall, fishnet tights are in the epicenter of fashion, and it's not strange!

Every woman has simple, thin tights in her closet, but not everyone dares to wear patterned fishnet tights. A huge number of girls do not dare to wear fishnet tights, they are afraid to look too vulgar. It is indeed true that this piece of clothing requires exquisite taste, and a thoughtful approach to their choice. But it’s worth it, and remember that there is nothing more tender and innocent than an openwork pattern on slender legs.

It is not for nothing that white fishnet tights are chosen by brides as a symbol of purity. There is a well-known stereotype that only very thin and slender young ladies can wear lace, but the number of different models that are available to the buyer today completely dispel it. Visually, it seems that voluminous lace adds centimeters to the hips, but this impression will be brightened up by a vertical and small pattern, which, on the contrary, will lengthen the legs. Delicate and sexy models of tights will draw attention to even the most gray image, make the right accent and stand out from the crowd.

Black, brown, gray or dark shades of burgundy, purple and green colors of the model will become a very bright accent, and of course, a spectacular detail of even the most casual outfit. Remember that no matter what tights you choose, only closed-toe shoes will do, because wearing tights with sandals is not beautiful and not right.