Fashionable winter hats

With the advent of cold weather, you want to put on as many warm things as possible that would shelter you from the cold, rain, and snow. But, almost all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have a taboo on this topic. Guessed? Well, of course, this is familiar to every girl. Winter hats... You can't do without them, and it's very bad with them. Many people worry about hair that loses volume and freshness under a hat, and some girls cannot choose a suitable winter hat at all. Either the shape is not the same, then the color, then the style, or you don’t like it at all.

Unfortunately, a unique miracle hat that would suit everyone did not appear, but the winter of 2015 prepared several surprises. This winter season, hats have become a trend, they not only protect the head from the cold and bad weather, but also make the look stylish and complete.
This winter, the classic French beret will become extremely popular. He is the pinnacle of femininity and style. Pair it with a masculine coat or pastel colored trench coat for a stylish girly look.

From year to year, the classic fedora hat does not lose its popularity. In winter, it is better to choose a hat made of medium moles, which will not cover the face, but rather will focus on makeup, hair and earrings.

It's hard to imagine a frosty winter day without a warm knitted hat. This year keeps her at the peak of popularity due to the fact that Dolce & Gabbana showed very delicate and cute hats with gilding and feather decorations, and Gucci – made a collection in a sporty style with pom-poms and wide lapels.

The trend will also include angora wool hats in pastel gray, beige and pink colors, as well as knitted earflaps with ethnic and floral patterns – bright and positive, able to immediately cheer up the owner and all passers-by.