Fashionable underwear: what is it?

Almost a hundred years ago, a patent was issued for a bra, which led to a real revolution in women's wardrobe? And how many models have been released since then ?! Do not count! Today it is considered fashionable to wear underwear so that it is ostentatious: over blouses, shirts, sweaters and sweaters. But in this article we will talk about fashionable types of bras for revealing outfits, how to wear them correctly and make them part of a single stylish look.

And it's worth starting with the fact that frank push-up is no longer in vogue! Of course, no one refuses bras with tight smooth cups, which have already become classics, and wearing them is just as appropriate as before. Such bustiers, in fact, are designed to be worn under white blouses made of thin fabrics, shirts, and tight-fitting turtlenecks, under which a priori the contours of the bra, and even more so the outlines of the chest, should not be visible. Therefore, such bras remain popular among fashionistas and lovers of classic and business looks.

As for the actual trends of the season, everything here is spectacular, sexy and romantic. That is, light, thin and translucent bras without "pits" and push-up came into fashion. However, to completely abandon the "bones" you don’t have to, but they can be considered fashionable if they have soft cups and an unusual design: they are trimmed with lace inserts, with various straps, curly straps and a bunch of straps that cross each other. But for everyday wear, such models of underwear not suitable, therefore, for frequent use, you should choose sports-style bras and bras with soft and shallow triangular cups. 

So, what are the fashion trends for combining all these bras with other items of clothing? To stay on trend, you need to start by learning the simplest rule: lace bras or bra-tops are best worn under loose shirts, blouses, tunics, sweaters or sweatshirts, but only in such a way that the strap and a little cup of the bra  peeking out from under clothing. Ideal – when one shoulder is lowered at the top.

The second way will appeal to brave girls. In this case, it is worth taking an example from Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian sisters, who love to appear in public in a lacy bra top or bra without underwires. and push-up, worn over a white t-shirt, shirt or jumper. But at the same time, it is important that such a bra model has a wide base, that is, with a corset part, which makes such a bra look like a shortened combination.

And finally, the ideal way to wear a bra for those who have good abs and a thin waist. In this case, you can wear sports bras or simple bras without push-up and  "underwire", but with wide straps. Over such a bra, you can wear a voluminous denim jacket, a light coat & nbsp; or an unbuttoned kimono shirt. Well, or put on a top made of completely transparent fabric, which in combination with a simple bra design will look quite appropriate.

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