Fashionable small handbags

Planning her image, a girl always has the task of – how many things she will need for the day, and what bag to take with her. It’s easier and more practical to take a large one, and put everything you need and what is not necessarily useful there. But it is more interesting and stylish to opt for a small, elegant handbag. It used to be with such bags that they went to the theater or on a date, but now it is the lot of fashionistas who keep track of what is stylish and what is not. So, small bags with long straps or chains are worn over the shoulder, and boldly dressed even with torn jeans and sneakers.
When – then a small handbag, like a small dress, was invented by Coco Chanel. Over time, this creative person got tired of carrying a small bag in her hands, and she came up with a belt with which she began to carry the bag over her shoulder. Today, small bags, which, in fact, fit only a phone, lip gloss and money, are just at the peak of popularity. To choose one of them, it is enough to follow the fashionable thought of world designers. They know exactly what is fashionable and what is not.
One of the most interesting and popular this season is the Valentino Garavani leather chain mini bag.

Often decorated with large black lacquered rivets. The dimensions of this baby are amazing: 21(W)x16(H)x6(D) cm. And the strap on the shoulder is adjustable in length: 32 – 54 cm.
No less adored by fashionistas is the bag from Chanel. In 2005, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Chanel fashion house, the beloved designer of the house, Karl Lagerfeld, showed the world another version of the Chanel 2.55 bag - Chanel Reissue (Chanel Reshu 2.55), which translates from French as "reissue" or "reissue".

There is no dispute about the size, but the mini version is more popular than ever. Also be sure to pay attention to CHANEL BOY. This bag got its name in honor of Chanel's beloved Arthur Capel, who was often called “Boy”.

It differs significantly from the design, Chanel 2.55 is decidedly original and unlike anything before.
Every fan of fashion and style, of course, will appreciate the HERMES CONSTANCE handbag. It has been produced since 1959, but does not lose its relevance to this day. This is a convenient, small, but high-status thing.

Last on the list, but not the last in the popularity ranking. A petite Michael Kors Jet Set Travel bag in chunky saffiano leather. The price of this model is much lower than those described above, but this is what makes it so popular among young people.