Fashionable Bermuda Shorts 2018

For the first time in the fabulous Bermuda Triangle, courts began to disappear in the 1950s, but even the most resonant scandal occurred there – dress trousers were left without legs and turned into Bermuda shorts.

What could be better and more comfortable in summer than shorts? They open slender legs, emphasize the beauty of the female figure, allow you to create the most incredible images and at the same time not look too open and even vulgar. Therefore, shorts are considered an important part of the summer wardrobe and the most varied type of casual wear. And among them, a special place is occupied by the "male" a variation of the            women's shorts       shorts that are characterized by a loose cut and a length almost reaching the knee line. And although modern models of such shorts are completely different from their predecessors, they are still in demand in the women's wardrobe, as once in the men's.

Initially style bermuda shorts» designed for men fighting in the hot and humid tropical climate of Bermuda. It was to alleviate the suffering of the soldiers of the British colonial troops and the Royal Navy from the heat and to save fabric that tailoring of cropped trousers in sand or beige was conceived.

Mega-popular Bermuda shorts steel at the beginning of the 20th century and today fashion rules do not prohibit their use even as part of a business dress code. In addition, they migrated to the "unisex" category; and are actively used by women to create the most unthinkable fashion mixes.
What is the difference between "bermuda shorts" from regular shorts? "Bermuda shorts" are elongated shorts with a free cut that imitates the top of classic trousers, and a special length that has not changed for more than a century, – 10 cm above the knee . They can have wide cuffs at the bottom and belt loops, which makes Bermuda shorts suitable for beach, casual, office and sports looks. With them, it is not only possible, but also very stylish.

Today there are different styles             &"&""""""""""""of version" This allows women of any build to wear such clothes, as it is the best hides figure flaws and shows its dignity.

Among the "bermuda" styles, several of their varieties stand out: sports, for the office, beach and models for special occasions from elegant fabrics, richly decorated and decorated. In addition, there are:

  •  high-waist bermuda shorts for business and casual style, which will allow you to visually elongate the figure, make slim   and hide protruding tummy;
  • cargo style – long shorts made of natural fabrics in a casual or military style, with a low waist and patch pockets. Such models are suitable for walks and outdoor recreation;
  • with tucked bottom, which add lightness to the image;
  • skinny bermuda shorts or tapered at the bottom;
  • grunge style with slightly sloppy edge;
  • with arrows – an office option that is perfect for business meetings on a hot summer day.

When choosing "bermuda" for walks in hot weather, for travel or the office, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. Although they have a universal style, they look best on tall and slender girls, while curvy ladies are helped to hide figure flaws. Unfortunately, short full women should generally abandon the idea of buying Bermuda shorts, because they will make them more squat and only create additional volume.

But who this type of shorts definitely does not suit is shy people who do not like their own legs. Although young ladies can combine shorts with tight opaque tights & nbsp; and thereby hide & nbsp; all the defects of their limbs. But this is no longer a summer version...