Fashionable and comfortable - shirt dress

In the summer, when the air temperature reaches the chapel, and you don’t want to leave the house, but no one has canceled work and a variety of tasks, we ask ourselves what to wear to endure the heat and look stylish. If all sorts of sundresses are already fed up, try a T-shirt dress.

This is a versatile and very handy item! Basically, this light, summer dress is made of natural cotton or knitted fabric, which contributes to ease of movement, and good moisture absorption. And by and large, visually it is no different from a typical T-shirt, except perhaps a long one. T-shirt dresses can be of various lengths – from very short, above the knee, to the middle of the calf, or even to the very ankle.

Accordingly, the neckline of this dress can be different - rounded, triangular, rectangular, rather closed, or vice versa, show a very open neckline. T-shirt dresses can be of several styles, one-piece, or with a horizontal seam under the bodice. Basically, a dress of this type, a tight-fitting plan, fits well on the figure, but there are also variations, for example, dresses of a free silhouette, or flared to the bottom.

For the summer, it is recommended to choose a T-shirt dress in bright, cheerful and mischievous colors and prints. Avoid black, because during the day in a thirty-degree heat, you will very much regret your choice. In addition to solid colors, give preference to nautical prints, bright colors and trendy photo designs.

Dresses with inscriptions and decor in the form of pockets also look great.