Fashion accessories 2015

Any girl knows that the image can be completed only if accessories are chosen correctly and correctly – bag, belt or hat and jewelry or bijouterie. It is about her that it makes sense to talk, since fashion is so changeable, and what was relevant yesterday is no longer good today. The main question that a modern girl asks herself is how to decorate herself, because there are so many beautiful, bright, colorful things, how to understand what is fashionable and what should be hidden away? How to look expensive and attractive, and not vulgar and defiant?
The main thing to remember – the most fashionable jewelry, it is very – very large ornaments. Not just big rings, earrings and bracelets, but huge ones! As for the rings, the most interesting this season are double and triple rings of unusual shapes and large sizes.

Rings worn on the upper phalanx of the finger are also popular. The main thing is to show your individuality and not lose a sense of proportion. It is recommended to wear massive jewelry with one bright accent around the neck, if it seems to you that it is not enough to combine this with several more necklaces, but always in the same style.

Designers have introduced a fashion for daring, and even aggressive decorations in the form of growling animals, fangs, metal amulets. But remember, such decorations complement and emphasize only simple plain fabrics. You should also pay attention to bracelets. It is best if it is a huge metal bracelet with a large stone or plain decor.

This type of hand jewelry perfectly complements the image and completes it. If your choice fell on a chic eye-catching bracelet, then choose one of two or earrings or a necklace, all together will be too much.
The main thing is to follow your style, this is what will help you connect everything correctly and look like a million dollars!