Eco fur is a fashion trend

With the advent of cold weather, there is a terrible desire to warm up. Although there is nothing terrible in this - each new purchase brings a woman only joy. Many fashionistas dream of a fur coat that, more than ever, would warm them in winter. But in order to look stylish, it is not necessary to wear expensive furs; faux fur is in trend. Eco-fur has many advantages: 

- no animals suffer during its production;

- the cost of such a fur coat is many times less than the natural one;

- it has a long shelf life and does not require special care.

In our time, the technology of manufacturing faux fur has undergone a serious modernization - you cannot distinguish it from a natural fur coat. In addition, a synthetic fur coat is not at all an indicator of your financial situation, but most likely of good taste. Now mass-market stores offer a huge selection of eco-fur coats and we will figure out which model to choose to look stylish. 

So, the must-have of this season is a fur coat with a long pile and an open neck, which is often called yeti style. Fashion bloggers and Hollywood stars have been posting photos online wearing ultra-fashionable fur coats for a long time. Such a detail of the wardrobe can be both colorful and pastel colors. For brave fashionistas, bright fur coats are suitable - blue, red, yellow-lemon. For more modest ladies - pale lilac, light pink. Such a thing can be beaten in different ways: for an evening out - a sheath dress, heels and a clutch, for everyday wear - a shirt, tight black jeans and boots in the “grunge” style. Such a thing is very multifunctional, but not suitable for all fashionistas. Girls with short stature and broad shoulders should refrain from such a purchase, because it will make them more bulky.  Also, eco-fur will not protect against severe frosts.

A big plus of a faux fur coat is that it doesn't need any special care. Such clothing consists of a single piece of fabric and does not diverge at the seams, as is often the case with natural fur after prolonged wear. But some rules should still be followed. Firstly, it should be stored in a spacious and clean place that is ventilated. Secondly, you need to wash only by hand - no washing machines. And the last thing is to rid the fur of dust after long-term storage in the closet. A faux fur coat is a very practical purchase and a stylish solution for autumn or winter.