Dresses from Rami Kadi, like a fight against phobias

For a woman, dresses will always remain something special. In trousers, the girl feels free, confident, but putting on a dress, everything changes at once, she becomes more feminine and charming. The world knows the names of many male designers who specialize in creating dresses of unreal beauty. More recently, this list has grown with yet another amazing women's dress maker. Rami Kadi — still quite young, but very talented designer. His works surprise with their gracefulness, unusual beauty and give the evening and wedding fashion a new, amazing and amazing, but at the same time very gentle trend. Surprisingly, Rami Kadi was born in New Jersey, USA in 1986. He was brought up in Lebanon, and it was there that he lived his young years of life. From early childhood, Rami noticed a penchant for art and design, and over time began to create.
Over time, he noticed in himself a terrible phobia. The talented designer, like many children, was afraid of the dark and all kinds of insects. From year to year, he worked on himself and his art. He has always surprised the public and clients, but this time he created a simply unsurpassed collection, with which he conquered his fears. For the second season in a row, the Lebanese couturier has successfully presented his work as part of the haute couture week in Paris. The collection of extraordinary evening dresses Haute Couture autumn-winter 2015-2016 from the Lebanese fashion house Rami Kadi, shocked the public! Dresses with bugs and cockroaches glowed in the dark like fireflies!

At first glance, it's just mind-boggling! And you don't want to wear it! But it's just the opposite! Dresses and outfits are very sophisticated and chic, and the bugs glow in the dark, and create a secret mystery. Things decorated with hand-embroidered beetles and spiders.

To each his own, and perhaps someone in the world will not wear such a dress, then the fact that the designer managed to surprise, and even shock everyone, is undoubtedly! Anyway, his new collection is chic. Enjoy.