Dress code rules: Casual style

Casual style – the brainchild of the rebellious 70s. It is based on comfort and practicality and helps to fulfill oneself. Dressed according to the rules of casual, you can look stylish even at a family celebration or a social event.

What is "casual"?

The English word «casual» translated as "everyday", "sloppy", "free", "informal". Therefore, casual clothes are comfortable jeans, T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, pullovers, hooded jackets and jeans. These are the things that come to mind when we, returning home after a hard day at work, throw off uncomfortable heels and tight skirts, free ourselves from the "shackles" of collars and belts and replace them with loose-fitting clothes. The same goes for weekends: no one really preens to go shopping or take a walk to the park with a child. But in an elegant suit, no one is sitting on the sofa in front of the TV either!

In a word, – casual-style clothing is a kind of imaginary bridge that connects elegant style and a cozy home image. Therefore, comfortable cotton trousers, T-shirts  or simple dresses can be safely attributed to casual clothes, wear it in your free time and at the same time catch the admiring glances of others. The main thing is that they have an elegant and tidy appearance, which will allow wear them even to a party or to the office.

What should be casual clothes?

Casual outfits can be varied, as long as they have an informal style and when choosing them, the emphasis is on:

  • Convenience. Jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jackets and sweaters, jackets, light dresses, skirts and much more will help to create a harmonious casual look;
  • easiness. When choosing a casual style, it is important to abandon deliberate cleanliness and never, never tuck in the waistband of trousers or skirt;
  • informality. Casual – it's not just jeans and a white T-shirt. This is a complete rejection of formality and unusual combinations;
  • originality. With the help of bright accessories you can make a casual look interesting and special.

The casual style allows simplicity, but at the same time, it does not deny the possibility of using bright accents and details. But when creating an image in this style, it is better to refuse things with rhinestones, ruffles and other decorations.

How to create your own casual look?

Most people choose casual style, believing that they can safely put on the first clothes they come across and at the same time confidently declare about their stylish appearance. But with casual style, everything is different, and a frivolous approach to the formation of such an image leads to the fact that everywhere you can meet people dressed in the same outfit.

Therefore, in order to look fashionable and elegant, when choosing clothes in a casual style:

  • attention should be focused on the details;
  • do not fasten all buttons on shirt and ironing things to perfect condition;
  • combine seemingly incongruous clothes and shoes. For example, feel free to wear socks under sandals, a classic jacket under jeans, and a plain T-shirt under a sundress. But do it carefully and wisely;
  • create layered images. For example, put on a cardigan over a T-shirt and tie it with a belt, decorating the image with a scarf, put on a denim jacket and a chiffon scarf over a print dress, etc.;
  • Pay maximum attention to the color scheme. This is especially true for layered images;
  • Put the accents right. The first acquaintance with the casual style should start with jeans, which will be the main element in the image. And then choose other components of the outfit for them.

But casual and sloppy doesn't mean sloppy. That is, casual clothes should be neat, with neat seams, without threads sticking out and not stretched. And this is even if you are accustomed to walking in such clothes and feel comfortable in it.

Which shoes to choose for a casual look?

Not all shoes fit the casual style. For example, pumps are more in harmony with office or business style, and beach slates –  only with a swimsuit and tunic. That is, when choosing shoes for a casual look, give preference to sneakers, ballet shoes, men's style shoes, slippers, slip-ons and low-speed sandals.