Creative duo - adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott

It's no secret that sportswear has broken all records of popularity this year. Previously, sweatpants and T-shirts were worn exclusively in the gym for training, but today these are things for an active life in the city. Global sports brands such as Adidas, Nike, Asics, and many others hit a huge jackpot by releasing sportswear, but especially popular this season. We have repeatedly observed on the streets of the city how women of fashion chose a pair of equally bright sneakers under a bright coat, at first it was shocking, but soon sports fashion swept the world.

It is now common to see young people dressed in loose, flashy clothing reminiscent of sportswear in public places where it was not customary to dress like this before. One can only imagine the riot of colors that can be observed in any fitness and gym. Each girl considers it her duty to acquire an original and ultra-bright sports uniform, and training is not the same without it!

Jeremy Scott made a significant contribution to the development of the fashionable sports industry. It was he who began to cooperate with Adidas, and then it started! Who has not seen unlike anything before, sneakers with wings? With the advent of the creative duo - adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, sportswear received a "new life".

In 2014, Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals celebrated 10 years of collaboration. The adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott SS 2014 Anniversary Collection featured men's and women's clothing items embellished with dollar sign, British flag prints, floral, animal, letter and ethnic patterns, and lace.

In a word, it all looked unusual and bright. Some models of jackets, windbreakers and sports trousers were decorated with hand-sewn mother-of-pearl buttons. The new adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott collection is filled with vibrant energy and is designed in the spirit of high fashion.