Coral - the color of the next year

Each new year is associated with some special color, but what will become the symbol of 2019? Recently, the well-known Pantone Institute unveiled the current shade of the coming year - coral. Such a decision may seem somewhat strange, because in 2018 scientists surprised us with extraordinary ultraviolet light, which had not been particularly popular before.

So, let's see why the researchers chose the coral shade and how this decision will affect modern fashion.

What is Pantone?

The Pantone Color Institute is a huge research mechanism that studies the trends of modern society, our preferences, conducts a thorough analysis of consumer desires and announces the ten most fashionable colors of a given season. Based on the information of this particular scientific center, well-known designers create their collections, and other manufacturers produce goods in the main color of the year or in shades that are combined with it. Pantone plays a huge role in creating global fashion, and also launches major trends in the beauty industry.

Why coral?

Undoubtedly, this shade evokes romantic motives, lightness and cheerfulness. It will appeal to energetic people who are confident in themselves and their abilities. Coral brings optimism, happiness and joy. In Eastern cultures, this color indicates the status of a person in society, wealth, origin. The shade is quite worthy to be a symbol of 2019, because it is associated with the beginning of something new, light, natural.

There are dozens of coral options, from soft pink to terracotta. The color is quite independent and demanding, attracts attention even without additional accessories. However, the collections of well-known brands often feature a combination of coral with yellow, sky blue, white and brown.

One of the trends of the coming year is the use of coral color in the interior. The bathrooms in such a color scheme, as well as upholstered furniture for living rooms, look quite extraordinary.

I would like to believe that 2019 will be as positive and saturated as a coral shade. No wonder the Pantone Institute chose this color, because it symbolizes our desire for bright and joyful feelings.

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