Coat in the style of Coco Chanel

The idea of creating the legendary round neck coat belongs to the world famous Coco Chanel. The first time such a model saw the world at a fashion show in 1956 and immediately became unrealistically in demand. Almost every woman wanted to have something like this. After some time, designers almost completely lost interest in collarless outerwear, arguing that its popularity is already far behind.

Everyone was pretty surprised by the fact that since the mid-2000s the coat has skyrocketed once again. No wonder they say that everything new is well forgotten old.
A coat with a round neckline opens up the neck, emphasizing it, highlighting it, and emphasizing the length and elegance. Having opted for a collarless coat model, it is important to remember a few important points, namely, that a model with such a neckline belongs to the classic style and suggests a combination with more sophisticated and elegant clothes.

Creating shocking and eclectic images with such a coat is unacceptable, and even ridiculous. Coat of simple cut with a clasp at the collar – an obligatory, and even the main component of the wardrobe of business women, lovers of classical style and movie stars who often have to attend official receptions. Wearing a straight stylish coat, it is best to combine it with delicate, feminine things, such as pumps with heels, a pencil skirt.

And categorically forget about wide jeans and flat shoes. Women who strive to create an elegant, but moderately strict image should remember a few successful combinations of things in order to have a prepared bow. A tight-fitting sheath dress, in a solid color, will always look good; almost always combine it with a coat without a collar. A strict elegant blouse and a pencil skirt also look good.

Complete the look with delicate knitted or matching silk scarves, and don't forget a classic design bag and large jewelry.