Clutch book - intellectual accessory

"Smart" clutch is a real find for intelligent girls. "Lolita" Vladimir Nabokov, "Psychoanalysis" Sigmund Freud or "The Old Man and the Sea" Ernest Hemingway - take your pick. And the founder of this work of art is the designer Olympia Le-Tan. The Frenchwoman did not immediately come up with the idea to create an ingenious clutch. Previously, she worked at the Chanel fashion house, later at Balmain. After leaving the latter, she decided to start her own business. Olympia created her first clutch book on the idea of her favorite work - "The Catcher in the Rye" Jerome Salinger. And in general - the entire first collection of the designer consisted of 27 books that she read. Olympia's family library has a lot of classical literature and the girl loved to read since childhood. The Parisian called her first collection "Don't judge a book by its cover", which has a deep meaning. Not all beauties have a high IQ and you can't judge a person by their appearance. With the release of the first clutch-books, the world of high fashion had a real sensation. The original clutches have become so popular that almost all Hollywood stars shine on the red carpet with a designer clutch in their hands. Work on one such handbag is very laborious and takes about three days. The difficulty lies in the individual embroidery, which Olympia does with her own hands. The book is made of wood covered with felt, on which the pattern is embroidered. All collections of the designer are limited and sold in about 30 stores around the world. A fashion accessory is not available to everyone, because the cost of one copy reaches $ 1,500! But many needlewomen make such clutches with their own hands. There are a lot of photo and video tutorials on the Internet on how to make a fashionable handbag in the form of a book from improvised materials. The talented Olympia Le-Tan did not stop at books alone. Having started her work in 2009, she managed to make other original handbags: a clutch in the form of a bag of milk, in the form of canned food, a deck of cards, baskets from a supermarket, reels of film, etc. What can I say - there is no limit to women's imagination! Now the designer is engaged not only in the creation of handbags, but also his own clothing collections. She presented the latter in Paris. In the meantime, we dream of an Olympia Le-Tan clutch, while the designer invents new super-handbags.


Author: Inna Bandylyuk