Chevron print or zigzag - the forgotten fashion trend is back!

How long have you been reviewing your wardrobe for fashion items in trendy colors? It's time, darlings, it's time! After all, spring is on the nose, the time for bright colors, unusual colors and original combinations. Just the right moment comes to let expression, surprise and even slight madness into your life. For example, the light playfulness of watercolor, the aggression of predatory motifs, the mysteriousness of the bright jungle and futuristic abstraction. But in the fashion world, there is another very interesting print that we want to talk about today. This is a multi-colored geometric zigzag print with sharp corners and broken lines – a new and original presentation of such a striped coloring that is familiar to us.

By and large, geometric prints have always been of interest to designers for their complexity and unpredictability. They decorated everything: from tops and T-shirts to coats and fur coats. In the 80s, zigzags were fashionable even in the interior. Why is there an interior – then even cars and houses were decorated in a zigzag to distinguish themselves. But then they forgot about it for a while, giving the opportunity to other, no less interesting solutions and colors, to break out "into people". Today, phantasmagoric zigzags and bright lightnings are back in fashion, having received the more modern nickname – «chevron print».

For the first time, a zigzag print was used in its collection by the Italian brand Missoni, for which a miniature multi-colored zigzag on knitwear back in the 50s of the last century became a springboard for impetuous fame on the Fashion Olympus. Small zigzig stripes have become an integral element of the corporate identity and "chip" the trademark that Missoni  is still recognized around the world. Initially, bright zigzags covered the entire surface of the knitted fabric, from which various models of clothing were sewn. But in the modern interpretation, "Missonian zigzags" somewhat improved: now they can be large and small, colored and monochrome, long and short, present on both outerwear and accessories.

This interesting print has never gone out of fashion for more than 60 years and is always present on the knitwear of the Italian brand Missoni. It all started in 1953, when a couple of young Italians, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, opened their own tailor-made knitwear workshop and at the same time began to develop their own style – they tried to combine unusual patterns and smooth surfaces on knitwear. And at one moment, fulfilling an order from the next trading house, a married couple tries a completely new knitwear, soft, obedient, pliable and still untested method of its dyeing and embroidery. As a result of this experiment they got the world famous stripes and zigzags.

After the release of the first collection in chevron print in 1958, success hit the couple Ottavio and Rosita. The number of orders increased significantly, large department stores and trading houses appeared among their clients, Missoni began to cooperate with French and British stylists, and participation in fashion shows in Paris and Milan introduced them to many eminent designers and famous personalities. So, thanks to the editor of  American Vogue, Diana Vreeland, Missoni opened their first boutique in New York's Bloomingdales department store, followed by Milan and Paris. And already from the beginning of the 1970s, the Missoni brand began to exert its influence on the fashion world, along with Balenciaga and Dior.

What is the "took" zigzag print? Definitely courage, originality and depth. Thanks to the chevron print, all fashionistas in the world can now mix the most unexpected colors and patterns, not only in spectacular evening dresses, but also in simple everyday ones. And Missoni remains an authority in the fashion world to this day, because it is always true to its principles and at the same time is constantly improving to attract new customers only with its unique style.

And if you don't have any chevron print item in your wardrobe yet, it's time to get it. After all, a zigzag pattern looks more interesting than just straight lines that cannot impress anyone. It is energetic, cheerful, cheerful and so bewitching. Take note – spring is coming soon!

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