Chantilly lace is a delicate luxury!

The theme, of course, is not entirely autumn, but given the relevance of the underwear style even during the cold season, we could not ignore it. Therefore, we read and admire!

What is chantilly and where did it come from?

Chantilly lace – it is one of the oldest and most common types of lace. And it is considered the progenitor of everything lacy, airy, delicate and weightless, and its appearance contributed to the formation and development of the modern fashion industry. Initially, chantilly was a narrow strip of lace, simple in terms of weaving technique, which was woven from black silk threads on a large flat pillow. And its name is Chantilly lace received from a small town in northern France – Chantilly, where for the first time craftswomen began to weave silk lace with noble floral patterns and subsequently sewed mantillas, scarves, capes, skirts, umbrellas, as well as barbs, tattoos and even handkerchiefs from it for noble ladies and courtiers of the king. < /p>

The pattern of Chantilly lace has always been distinguished by the complexity of the composition and the perfection of each of its details. Exquisite patterns with intricate bouquets of large flowers consisted of separately knitted motifs connected with a blind seam and filled almost the entire surface of the lace, leaving some free space for the background to cover it with small elements and small flowers. And the edge of the lace strip was framed  ;ruffles or fringe. Therefore, Chantilly lace was often used on fabrics of contrasting colors, which made it possible to demonstrate its small pattern as much as possible.

Chantilly lace – "highlight" modern fashion industry

Today, Chantilly lace is mainly used to decorate exclusive outfits and create refined and sophisticated images. And often it is present in lingerie as a very feminine and truly royal decoration that captivates and attracts men so much. Therefore, chantilly is considered the most impeccable tool for conquering men's hearts, and it does not matter where it is used: in decorating the hem of a dress or a deep neckline. After all, his powdery translucent drawing – it is both a temptation with its slight eroticism, and a mystery that allows you to cover up possible figure flaws.

And it is not surprising that not only the powers that be, but also ordinary girls and women often use Chantilly lace in their outfits.

How to wear Chantilly lace?

Even such delicate lace as chantilly, you need to know how to wear it, because you can achieve the opposite effect and appear in front of others in a not the best way. And you can learn how to use it correctly in your images using the examples of world stars:

1. Kate Middleton, Anastasia Volochkova and the bride Tarkan chose dresses with Chantilly lace as their wedding attire and thus became icons of wedding fashion.

2. Keira Knightley, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Kelly Osbourne have been appearing at social events in lace dresses for years.

3. Diane Kruger, Monica Bellucci, Michelle Williams and Kim Kardashian are also keeping up with their "workshop" partners. and with the help of Chantilly lace, they emphasize their ideal figure without crossing the line beyond which vulgarity begins.

Be stylish and beautiful you too!