Ankle boots - how to choose and what to wear?

Ankle boots are a cross between shoes and boots, but at the same time it is very comfortable and beautiful shoes. There are many different models of ankle boots, but they are not suitable for all clothes and not all body types. How to choose this versatile shoe and what to wear it with? 

Be warned, most of the time ankle boots shorten your height. Short girls are most suitable for high-heeled models with a cutout in the lift zone. They will make your legs more graceful and slender. And if you are the owner of full ankles, then it is better to refuse ankle boots altogether - your legs will look rough and ugly in them. 

Despite which ankle boots you prefer, you don't need to combine them with a long and bulky top. Floor-length dresses and long fur coats are not suitable for this type of footwear. The best option would be sheath skirts, skinny, leggings, dresses and outerwear above the knees. Why do we focus on clothes above the knee? Yes, because ankle boots themselves cut your height, and a mid-calf dress will generally make you a gnome. But, this rule does not apply to tall and slender girls. 

Know how to choose the right color and model of ankle boots. For women who prefer a classic style of clothing, it is better to choose shoes in neutral colors from smooth leather, without unnecessary details. These ankle boots are perfect for a business suit, but not for dress pants! Flared and straight trousers complete with ankle boots are a taboo. If you are going to wear a dress or skirt, then pick up the tights to match the shoes. It will be perfect if you wear a black dress and black ankle boots. 

Wedge ankle boots and skinny jeans are great for a casual look. Do not tuck jeans into shoes if they have a narrow shaft. Ankle boots are appropriate for almost all occasions. They are great for cocktail dresses, but it is better to choose light models with lace textiles or with open fingers (for the warm season). But for occasions such as going to a restaurant or theater, still prefer shoes or sandals.