Angora sweater - fashionable and warm

Designers all over the world speak with one voice that the main trend of autumn is comfort and warmth. For us, fashionistas, this is only at hand. Now you can keep warm by wearing low-cut jeans and short sweaters. When warming up for the winter, the main thing to remember about us is comfort above all else! To tell the truth, there are some "parting" tips. If you are planning to buy a warm sweater, then pay attention to loose-fitting plain angora sweaters.

No, they were not massively represented on all the fashion catwalks of the world, but the "furry" sweaters take pride of place on the fashionable Olympus, due to significant purchases of this model in the autumn-winter period. And not in vain! After all, an angora sweater is incredibly warm, and very pleasant to the body. It is recommended to pay attention to models of a simple cut, slightly expanded, such as "oversize".

The color is of course up to your taste, but it is better to choose in the actual colors of autumn: muted pink, dirty green, deep azure, or yellow oak. A categorical "no" say lurex, sequins and sequins, because a sweater made of good quality angora does not need additional embellishments. Angora is obtained from the wool of angora rabbits, which are specially grown for this purpose. It is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch.

The highest quality angora wool is made in Italy and France, but inexpensive angora is produced in Turkey. When buying, it will be easy for you to determine the quality of the thing, just run a piece of natural black fabric over the angora sweater. A thing of low quality will leave a lot of "traces", but an expensive one will leave almost nothing. And, of course, an angora sweater cannot be cheap, if the price is suspiciously low, you know the angora fluff is mixed with wool.