All about the right underwear

We carefully select dresses for ourselves, try on shoes several times, collect various jewelry and handbags... And here we should ask ourselves - are we choosing underwear with such scrupulousness? After all, this, whatever one may say, is also a component of our image. Yes, nobody sees underwear except you and your loved one, but what matters is how you feel in it. Practicality, quality of the material and the appearance of the product are the main components of a successful purchase!


Casual underwear


For every day, it is best to choose a bra made of natural fabric. Perhaps such underwear is less beautiful than lace bras, but think about what is better for your skin - synthetics or cotton? Daily contact with synthetic material may cause irritation. Everyday underwear should be invisible under clothes, flesh color is the best option. If your clothes are tight to the body, then choose a seamless set that will look like your "second skin". Refuse lace decor, which can betray its presence under a thin blouse or dress. Underwear should be invisible!


With push-up effect


Still recently, push-up was considered the best invention for girls suffering from a small breast complex. But a few years later, the fashion changed and soft translucent bras with or without underwire appeared on store shelves. All the lovers of “lush bust” not so little and in some cases push-up even looks very tempting. But is it worth wearing such a bra every day? Yes, you can! But you need to choose the right size so that the bra fits well on the chest.


Sports underwear


The fashion for a healthy lifestyle cannot but rejoice. In this regard, more and more lingerie brands began to produce sports bras, which, in turn, are more like a top than a classic bra. Such underwear is made of dense fabric, which passes air well and removes moisture from the body. Straps should be wide and not dig into the shoulders. Push-up is acceptable, because it performs the function of breast support well.

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