A raincoat can be stylish!

We did not have time to enjoy the spring warmth, as the street begins to look through the integral companion of spring - rain. In such weather, you don’t really get dressed up, and you need to constantly carry an umbrella with you. But do not be upset - even in rainy weather, you can look stylish, and raincoats will help with this. You probably immediately have associations with a shapeless cloak in which grandmothers graze cows in the village? So - we will break this stereotype. 



Initially, the raincoat was created to protect against rain for military personnel and hunters, but later it became part of everyday life. Over time, raincoats have changed - designers have come up with translucent waterproof raincoats, jackets, trench coats and windbreakers. Fashionable models can be seen in the collections  Iceberg, Hunter, Longchamp and Marcel Ostertag. In modern raincoats you will stand out from the crowd, look stylish. You do not have to carry a heavy umbrella with you and constantly make sure that you do not forget it anywhere. 



Now you can buy different models of raincoats: long and short, bright and transparent, loose and fitted. Designers still rely on a free style - oversized. And a translucent or transparent raincoat is a great occasion to show off your outfit in rainy weather, because unlike an umbrella, not a drop of water will fall on you. Some clothing brands even make transparent hats, skirts and trousers, like Loewe and Marcel Ostertag. As for a waterproof skirt, it will look stylish in a company with the same jacket, but we advise you to be careful with hats and trousers - hats will suit extravagant ladies, and it will simply be uncomfortable in trousers.



If you have already purchased a raincoat, then we advise you to take a closer look at rubber boots, because such shoes will definitely come in handy "on the farm". In modern models, you can not only go to the forest for mushrooms, but also be fashionable in a big city. The most stylish models are demonstrated by the Hunter brand. These boots are perfect for a raincoat or any other outerwear. They should wear tight tights or stockings to match the shoes.