3 fashionable ways to wear a thin belt from Olivia Palermo

Fashion experts say that good style is reflected in accessories – in their right choice and original combination with the rest of the wardrobe.

The status of one of the biggest fashion experts, Olivia Palermo, could only be awarded for her skill in choosing fashion accessories.

After having an enviable collection of sunglasses and shoes, she was recently spotted wearing stylish thin belts. Olivia's inexhaustible creativity made it possible to turn ordinary belts into an interesting detail that emphasizes the style and individuality of a woman.

Today's post is inspired by this particular fashion guru and will show you 3 ways to wear a thin belt like a real fashion expert - Olivia Palermo!

1. Loop

Put on the belt with the buckle in the usual way, and then slide the free end under the belt on the opposite side.

2. Node

It would have never occurred to me to tie a belt with a buckle like that, but Olivia did it. In such an original outfit, she appeared at London Fashion Week in 2014.

It's simple, instead of using a buckle, just double knot the belt.

3. Butterfly

Close the buckle as usual, then slide the loose end under the belt to form a loop. Then run the belt over the top and tuck in on the opposite side.

Try, experiment, let your imagination run wild and create your own fashionable look.

Translation of an article from http://mogujatosama.rs/

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