Excursion of the participants of the K.A.V.A project to the production

We have implemented a cool initiative for the graduates of the K.A.V.A. 25 girls received a 3-hour promotion of Rivne brands, master classes, a production tour and, of course, personalized gifts. True, they sewed the gifts themselves, because the highlight of the meeting was the opportunity to try yourself with professional sewing equipment.

The girls were blown away by Garne Store brand production, "quick name prints" and our good office and factory. I got a lot of positive feedback from girls. After the tour, some even signed up to join us at the Light Industry Association training studio, which is equipped with the help of the UN Women's Peace Fund and Humanitarian Aid (WPHF) Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund and the UN Women Ukraine / UN Women in Ukraine project in Ukraine. The courses are free of charge and everyone has a unique opportunity to learn how to sew.