White is an ageless trend

With the advent of summer, I want to refresh my wardrobe with light shades, and also emphasize tanned skin. White color comes to the rescue, which was adopted by avid fashionistas. On the streets, there are more and more girls in white denim, wide blouses and sundresses. This fashion saves from the terrible heat and allows the skin to breathe. White is a bold color and not for everyone, so in today's article, Garne will share a few ideas on how to create an attractive look with white clothes.

Crop tops have become an alternative to blouses in the new season. Models with voluminous sleeves, ties at the chest, V-shaped neckline and wide elastic band at the bottom are especially popular. Cropped tops accentuate the upper abs and collarbone area, and in white they are completely enlightened. At the same time, the thing does not look defiant, it is perfect for business suits and shorts with a high fit. A white top is interesting in combination with neon colors and geometric prints.

A must-have for summer 2019 is light sundresses made from natural fabrics. For example, a model made of white linen or cotton is indispensable for city walks on hot days. Designers have repeatedly presented in the collections cute midi-length dresses with straps in a duet with flat sandals. The item will emphasize femininity, and the light color will draw attention to the face and accessories, such as a bag.

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        Well, how can you do without the sensational white jeans, which flaunted on the pages of fashion magazines back in that year. With them, you can create a dozen stylish images, you just have to place the accents correctly:

        1. The tie-die print is the perfect match for white denim. This element of hippie culture is back in fashion, so jeans combined with a T-shirt dyed in this way will only emphasize your taste.

        2. Don't forget the monochrome white look that is considered classic. For jeans, pick up a lace blouse or a wide shirt with a strap. The bow will be complemented by sandals with tassels and fringe.

        3. For a bright evening look, combine an acid yellow blouse with white jeans. Don't forget the neon decorations too, but don't go overboard with them.

        As for summer evenings, every fashionista should have an elongated jacket in her wardrobe. In white, this thing will become universal, because it will suit both trousers and cocktail dresses. Stylists recommend jackets with wide shoulders and a loose fit, more reminiscent of male models. Under the bottom, it is better to wear a tight-fitting bodysuit or a lace T-shirt, so the image will look sexy and stylish. At the neck, add a layered chain with a pendant, making the neckline appear deeper.

        White never goes out of fashion, so you can experiment with it at any time of the year. The Garne team has also been inspired by this trend and designed the most stylish summer collection for their beloved clients.

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