What's back in fashion since the 90s?

It was the dashing 90s, when the children were not yet in contact, because they did not even have computers. When young people wore bright leggings, tracksuits, baseball caps with the inscription "USA", and the housewives were looking forward to the new series of "Santa Barbara" and "Tasty with Boris Burda". In addition to positive things, one can also recall negative ones, because banditry flourished in those days: it was fashionable to wear crimson jackets, chains and leather jackets. Things from the 90s have come back into fashion more than once, but what has become popular right now - we will tell you. 

The choker was a real find in the days of disco. Of course, it appeared much earlier, but it gained its greatest popularity in the 90s. If someone still does not know what kind of jewelry this is, we explain - this is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck. The most famous choker from the 90s is the tattoo choker. But now there are products of various shapes and materials: from lace, leather, in the form of ribbons and others.

Oversized sweatshirts are another thing that came to us from the distant 90s. Then they were combined with high-rise jeans, and now they can be worn with shorts and midi skirts. The slip dress is a fashion trend that Kate Moss herself has long adhered to. Lightweight fabrics, lace, thin straps - all this is characteristic of the lingerie style, and the slip dress is the most striking example of such clothes that have been in fashion for more than one season. 

Denim jacket - in my opinion, this is an irreplaceable thing that will never go out of fashion. It should be in every girl's wardrobe. It can be worn with anything: with trousers, skirts, dresses. On a cold summer evening, it will serve as a great addition to your casual bow.

The denim jumpsuit is another denim item that came to us from the distant 90s. Comfortable, stylish and effective, and in combination with sneakers and a T-shirt - the perfect option. Trousers, jeans and high-waisted skirts - there is nothing to say here. The most convenient way to emphasize the presence of the waist, which has long been in trend.

There are many other things that have returned to us since the 90s, but the ones mentioned above are the most relevant this season. Once again, we are convinced that fashion is cyclical. I wonder what will be fashionable in a year?